About Us

Under CDL specializes in truck and body configurations in the Medium Duty Class 4-6 range. The GVWR range is 14,000lb -26,000lb. Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the Maximum rated weight of the vehicle and cargo, including passengers. The vehicles we primarily work with DO NOT REQUIRE A COMMERCIAL DRIVERS LICENSE and are not susceptible to FET Taxes.

This segment of the Work Truck industry is one of the fastest growing segments. We are combining years of experience in Cab-Chassis and Body Configurations to assist your new and pre-owned UnderCDL truck needs. We can quickly find the right body/chassis configuration for you needs. Whether you are shopping our work ready trucks, or need a custom build, we can assist.

The first phase UnderCDL.com will concentrate on the refuse industry. Haulers are rapidly recognizing the efficiencies UnderCDL trucks can offer. If you are looking for an overall lower cost of ownership without sacrificing productivity, you must take us into consideration. These trucks are quiet and capable. An UnderCDL truck can help you expand and offer:

  • A more accessible workforce (No Commercial Drivers License)
  • Lower initial cost and a decreased cost of ownership
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Quick Service while staying low-key and low-profile
  • Access to Weight Restricted Areas and Roadways
  • Flexibility to pick-up any stop from Residential to Commercial
  • Quiet operation for noise sensitive areas
  • Increased Efficiencies for rural routes, missed stops, and private or gated communities

Our number one goal is to provide a truck that is RIGHT FOR YOUR ROUTE. Whether you are in the private or municipal sector, we are compatible. Thank You for visiting UnderCDL.com




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