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All trucks come standard with:

  • Full LED Lighting
  • Front and Rear Strobes
  • Hopper Camera
  • Dual PTO Safety Shut-off Switches
  • Hopper Work Lights
  • Bluetooth
  • Custom Ordered Chassis
  • Upgraded Suspension
  • Our 8yd Quantum Rear Loader is compatible with our Class 5 19,500lb GVWR – 23,000lb GVWR Chassis. These are available in Conventional Cab Designs in 2×4 and 4×4, and the Cab-Over Cab Chassis.
  • Our 11yd Quantum Rear Loader is available and features a 2.3 Cu Yd Hopper, larger sweep and pack cylinders. These Chassis are custom ordered with heavy axels/suspension and are de-rated to 26,000 lb. by the factory.



Body Type

Below is information regarding body type.

Rear Loaders

Why Rear Loaders?

The most versatile of all body types, this is the work horse of the industry. If you are looking to pick up residential, commercial, and bulk items, this is your style. The key components of a rear loader are the : body, pack/eject panel, tailgate, sweep, and slide.

Under CDL Truck
Under CDL Truck

Side Loaders (Special Order Only)

Why Side Loaders?

Convenience is crucial, just exit the cab, and the load sill a few steps away. Load on the curb side or street side with this body type. Available in a transfer style, and with tippers and grippers for all can types. Many sizes available!

White and green Under CDL Truck


Why The Quantum Rear Loader ?

The Quantum is a can do body available in 6 / 8 / 10 Cubic Yards. This is the only small body rear loader in the industry that has a standard tailgate wide enough to pick up a commercial container. In addition it has a very low maintenance sweep and slide design with 3.5″ Sweep & Slide cylinders, a 13 second cycle time. This is a clean and quiet body. Expect to impressed by the Quantums High Compaction and Flexibility!

Quantum MD

Why The Quantum MD Rear Loader ?

The Quantum MD 11yd features a curved floor combined with a curved body, providing excellent compaction in a lightweight unit that can go virtually anywhere. A full range of container and cart handling options are available. Standard Features: • 10 to 16 cu. yd. capacities • high-strength, curved shell body design • mid-compaction ratings ensure full chassis GVW capacity • low loading height for greater operator convenience • automatic locking tailgate for safer use

Under CDL Truck
Blue and white Under CDL Truck


Why Tomcat?

Versatility and Strength come together in the Tomcat Side Loader. This body is available in Transfer, Non-Transfer, and Split Body Configurations. Offered in: 6 / 8 / 10/ 12 / 14 /18 Cubic Yards, and with a multitude of customizable options and tippers.

PUP (Special Order Only)

Why PUP?

The PUP is simple, economical, and built tough. It has a 4yd body with a 2yd Hopper. Available Cart Tippers, Barrel Dumpers, Trailer Mount, and Hydraulic Tailgate give this body unlimited uses. Load from either side !

Pup Under CDL Truck

TRUCK TYPES Concentrates on Class 5 & 6 Chassis. Our Commercial Duty Trucks Range is 19,500lb GVWR – 26,000 GVWR. Conventional or Cab Over designs are available:

Cab Over

Why Cab Over?

Also known as the COE Cab Over Engine design. It features a vertical front and a cab that sits above or forward of the front axle and engine. Available in Class 5 & 6 and Under CDL, this styling offers a tilt forward roomy cab giving an easily accessible engine compartment. In addition the driver visibility is improved, as is the turning radius. These trucks are highly customizable and efficient, with both Gas and Diesel offerings. The Cab-Over truck is the most maneuverable choice between the two offerings.

Under CDL Truck
White and green Under CDL Truck


Why Conventional?

This is the most common style chassis in the refuse industry with the driver seated behind the engine. Available in class 5 from 19,500 – 23,000lb GVWR and with a wide variety of options including 4X4, and Diesel Power. The Conventional Cab Chassis is also available in a Class 6 and still UnderCDL from 23,000lb GVWR to 26,000lbs, these Chassis are still highly customizable but are a larger truck platform. Overall the Conventional Cab Chassis is a trusted, proven, and maintenance friendly design.