Quantum ABC’s

Getting to know the Quantum? Learn the ABC’s …

A. ANYTHING GOES – 70” Wide Tailgate Accepts Commercial Rear Load Containers with Winch or Kick Bar!   No Flared Tailgate Needed

B. BE PRODUCTIVE & SAFE– 14 Second Cycle Time, High Compaction Cylinders, Highest Legal Payload, Best Weight Distribution, Tight Turning

C. CLEAN – No Slide Shoes or Guide Blocks & Hard Plumbed Hydraulic Lines

D. DRIVEWAY FRIENDLY – Low Overhead Height & Center of Gravity / 62” Above Chassis Frame

E. EFFICIENCY – Great Fuel Economy – Under CDL – Quick & Quiet  -Lower Cost of Operation – Minimal Maintenance

F. FLEXIBILITY – Available Drum Winch, Kick Bar, Cart Tipper, Barrel Grabber, Hooklift, Hardox Steel, & More

G. GROUND CLEARANCE – Hopper Design Lets You Traverse Up To 15° Incline

H. HIGH COMPACTION – 900 Lb/Yd (8 Yd = 266 stops*) *Based on 27 Lb Per Stop


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