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Why The Quantum Rear Loader ?

The Quantum is a can do body available in 6 / 8 / 10 Cubic Yards. This is the only small body rear loader in the industry that has a standard tailgate wide enough to pick up a commercial container. In addition it has a very low maintenance sweep and slide design with 3.5″ Sweep & Slide cylinders, a 13 second cycle time. This is a clean and quiet body. Expect to impressed by the Quantums High Compaction and Flexibility!

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Quantum MD

Why The Quantum MD Rear Loader ?

The Quantum MD 11yd features a curved floor combined with a curved body, providing excellent compaction in a lightweight unit that can go virtually anywhere. A full range of container and cart handling options are available. Standard Features: • 10 to 16 cu. yd. capacities • high-strength, curved shell body design • mid-compaction ratings ensure full chassis GVW capacity • low loading height for greater operator convenience • automatic locking tailgate for safer use


Why PUP?

The PUP is simple, economical, and built tough. It has a 4yd body with a 2yd Hopper. Available Cart Tippers, Barrel Dumpers, Trailer Mount, and Hydraulic Tailgate give this body unlimited uses. Load from either side !

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Why Tomcat?

Versatility and Strength come together in the Tomcat Side Loader. This body is available in Transfer, Non-Transfer, and Split Body Configurations. Offered in: 6 / 8 / 10/ 12 / 14 /18 Cubic Yards, and with a multitude of customizable options and tippers.

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